10 day travel by primary reason for visiting Tasmania

Sorry for the slight delay with this post. We’ve been inundated with queries since our presentation to the Tasmanian Tourism Industry Conference yesterday (May 13th).

This animation displays the travel patterns for all 472 groups who participated in the study over the 10 day period.

Where tourists go on day 1

Seeing as we only finished tracking tourists on 5 May 2016, we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the data we collected! However, we wanted to share this visualisation with you because it’s so exciting! We love it because not only is it fascinating in itself but it also illustrates the potential of the data and all the exciting things we can do with it!


Recruitment challenges

Would tourists be interested?

In the planning stages of the Visitor Tracking project we had no idea whether or not approximately 500 tourists would consent to participate. Would tourists allow us to track their every movement?! Would they even give us their attention long enough for us to convince them?! The team was sceptical: after all, we all know what it’s like to arrive after a flight, or series of flights, to a new destination, tired, stressed and keen to get away from the airport as quick as possible and get on with the holiday!

We considered advertising in inflight magazines, but it was too expensive. We considered sending staff to Sydney and Melbourne departure lunges to hand out flyers and “warm up” incoming tourists to the idea – those interested could then present themselves at our counter in the arrivals area at Hobart and Launceston Airports. After careful consideration, this option was dismissed, again because of cost.